The CMO's Definitive Guide to Revenue Driven Marketing

Leads have been the currency of B2B Marketing for a long time. 


The marketing strategies, processes, and tools have all been designed to revolve around lead flow, with the assumption that generating and nurturing enough leads, given past pipeline conversion rates, will enable Sales to meet corporate revenue goals. 


So CMOs spend their budgets on various marketing campaigns and tactics to generate sufficient leads. However, Marketing’s impact on revenue remains murky at best, even as revenue drives every other aspect of the business.


That's because revenue is the goal! Leads and accounts are just the tactics!  

To meet In this whitepaper, we answer the CMO's 3 most strategic questions:

  1. How much pipeline should Marketing generate to meet future corporate revenue goals?

  2. What is Marketing’s current pipeline performance versus plan?

  3. How should marketing activities be continuously optimized to meet revenue goals?

​In this whitepaper, we present Revenue Driven Marketing, the solution that bridges the gap between ABM strategies and revenue goals, and answers these strategic questions that CMO's need to answer to run marketing with revenue centricity.

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