Revenue Driven Marketing


Fortella aligns Marketing planning and execution with your revenue goals and 

measures Marketing’s contribution to the business

Don’t just deliver leads. Deliver revenue.



Align Marketing goals to your company’s revenue plan and target segments.


Enrich, standardize and organize your funnel by segments, personas and stages.


Orchestrate marketing activities through existing applications to achieve revenue goals.


Continuously measure Marketing’s contribution to revenue.



Ingest your first party marketing data into a single repository.

Set up marketing goals to support your revenue plan and business objectives.


Cleanse and enrich your marketing data by industry, geo, company size and titles.

Standardize and organize accounts by target segments and buyer personas.

Understand key account-level insights including fit, coverage, cross-channel engagement and stages.


Fill coverage gaps for missing personas to acquire key buyers earlier in the marketing cycle.

Create audience lists for targeted campaigns and omnichannel personalization.

Deliver marketing qualified accounts to Sales for faster conversion to revenue.


Track impact through Marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Understand marketing effectiveness across target segments and buyers.

Measure cross-channel engagement for target segments and personas.

Increase Revenue By…


Acquiring high value customers likely to buy and remain loyal.

Creating better quality pipeline and consistently achieving your goals.

Improving opportunity conversion rates, time-to-close and deal sizes.

Enhancing marketing efficiency through targeted execution.

Not just another marketing application.

Fortella was purpose-built to align Marketing planning and execution to the most important goal for your company: Revenue. That’s why we connect Marketing to all key business functions, including Finance, Product, Sales and Customer Success.


Because B2B marketing is increasingly data-driven and personalized, we’ve created out-of-the-box data cleansing and standardization of your funnel to mirror your go to market strategy.


And we believe that your success depends on deep knowledge of your customers. That’s why we offer the ability to continuously bind customer identity, behavior and intent across multiple channels inside and outside the funnel.  


Enterprise Grade Architecture
Cloud-based | Secure | Open | Extensible


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