Revenue Driven Marketing


Plan, track and optimize your marketing around revenue,

and not leads or accounts 

Where traditional tools fall flat, Fortella succeeds.



Replace spreadsheets with a modern marketing pipeline planning tool. Manage segment & sales territory plans based on actual funnel performance.


Monitor real-time & historic pipeline performance. Stay ahead of your revenue goals through accurate forecasts and actionable recommendations.


Identify 'hidden pipeline' in your database. Leverage AI-based recommendations to produce pipeline that converts better and faster.


Pipeline Forecasting

  • Replace spreadsheets with real-time pipeline forecasting

  • Build plans and adjust tactics based on actual pipeline performance vs. static assumptions

  • Get actionable recommendations to quickly address pipeline gaps while there’s still time

Pipeline Performance Management

  • Put key revenue KPIs at your fingertips for quick decision-making and reporting 

  • Act upon Fortella’s recommendations for improved pipeline performance and conversion

  • Use accurate performance metrics for marketing pipeline planning

Revenue-Driven Action

  • Surface the hidden pipeline in your database with accounts likely to convert faster and with less effort

  • Perform targeted acquisition and engagement by revenue segment for improved pipeline performance  

  • Turn insights into quick action by pushing targetable lists directly into tactical systems

Revenue Performance Analytics 

  • Promote Marketing as a strategic corporate contributor with revenue as the common denominator 

  • Optimize Marketing’s performance across revenue segments and take action to improve overall impact

  • Focus on the segments, accounts, and buyer personas most likely to help you achieve your revenue goals

CMO’s Need to Answer These Strategic Questions:


  1. How much pipeline should Marketing generate to meet future corporate revenue goals?

  2. What is Marketing’s current pipeline performance versus plan?

  3. How should marketing activities be continuously optimized to meet revenue goals?


To do so, you need a modern, easy to use application that can help you answer these questions in real-time, and then translate them into quick actions.

Fortella Elevates Marketing Above
Lead- and Account-driven Tactics

Fortella’s power to combine go-to-market data, surface key revenue-driving insights, and recommend impactful marketing moves is built on a single platform designed expressly for a revenue-driven focus. It takes your siloed enterprise data, cleans and enriches it, and then uses proprietary machine learning technology and AI-based recommendation models to map the data to how your sales teams sell and your customers buy.


Enterprise Grade for B2B CMO’s

Cloud-based | Secure | Integrated


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